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Sommet Solutions RH: Rousseau Communication Reboots Events Platform


Article and photo by Thomas Ethier

After relaunching the Events platform last May by hosting the Sommet Solutions RH 2018, Rousseau Communication is officially announcing the return of a revamped, revitalized format.

This important event will take place at the Mortagne Hotel, in Boucherville, on Wednesday, May 29th, 2019.

For 2019, there will be several important additions to the initial format in order to address, in one all-inclusive event, the important HR-related issues impacting all sectors of the automotive industry.

Presented in collaboration with CSMO-Auto, the inaugural May 2018 event attracted over 150 automotive-industry participants, including members of the automotive aftermarket, dealerships and suppliers.

Enhanced Experience 

In this era of chronic manpower shortages and increasingly complex technology, event organizers will be hosting conferences and workshops addressing these important issues. As the summit attracts a wide range of industry stakeholders, a series of complementary presentations will also be added to address specific HR concerns.

“Last Spring marked the reboot of our Events platform,” explains James Leonardo De Sa, Events Manager for Rousseau Communication. “The success of the 2018 Sommet Solutions RH exemplifies our core business: mobilize all automotive-industry stakeholders to tackle important issues shared by all in order to grow and prosper together as we face new challenges.”

“The winning formula of last year’s event will be leveraged, in addition to enhancements to the experience in recognition of the differences and uniqueness of the various automotive-industry sectors. Participants will be rewarded for their time investment with tools and strategies tailored to their specific realities.”

Broader Scope

The 2019 Sommet Solutions RH will occupy a larger footprint to accommodate a wider diversity of subject experts and participants. For the first time in its history, several tech-themed conferences will be presented simultaneously to allow participants to choose which to attend based on criteria specific to their organization and situation.

Various vendor partners will also take part in the 2019 Sommet Solutions RH to present their human resource management support services and solutions.

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