A New Name for AutoJournal

Same great publication, but with a more distinct Canadian identity.

Canada’s leading national automotive publication has adopted a new name for 2018. Known as AutoJournal for almost two decades by dealers from coast to coast, Rousseau Communication’s flagship journal has been rebranded: Canadian AutoJournal.

“It’s a small distinction,” said Jean-Luc Rousseau, President of Rousseau Communication, publisher of Canadian AutoJournal, “but an important one.”

As Canada’s go-to publication for the automobile industry, Canadian AutoJournal explores current events, reports on industry trends, and provides dealers with insight and advice from industry experts. “Canadian AutoJournal will continue to take the lead in the market, providing dealers with the facts, figures, statistics, information and expert options they depend on in order to continue to thrive in our competitive Canadian market,” Rousseau added.

“Our top-notch editorial team, along with our regular columnists and industry experts will still be there in every issue of Canadian AutoJournal. We’re simply changing the name in order to give us a more distinct Canadian identity on the world stage.”

The first edition of Candian AutoJournal is now available in digital format. Click here to read it!

Jack Kazmierski, Associate Publisher